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What: Bus Booking

Who: Phanindra Sama

When: Since 2006

Funded by: Self, Profitable now.

Revenue: Commissions from each bookings

Big Idea: “Each bus operator is so small that he can’t build his own IT system, so I thought it would be a good ide

a to build a system for them,”

In Media: Dare, Forbes, Yourstory, and more

My take: Redbus needs no review. They started with an unproven idea and through their relentless execution of that idea have made them first choice for bus booking. I use them every time I want to book a ...

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What: Private apartment communities, management tools and real estate listing.

Who: Sameer Jain, Lalit Mangal, Vikas Malpani

When: Since 2008

Funded by: Morpheus and more.

Revenues From: Advertisement, Lead generation, Property rental and sale listing. (*)

In Media: Toi, HT, Yourstory and more

My Take: Local social networking is a hard place to be in, the dynamics of social networks are aginst smaller and insular networks. I meet my RWA agent once a month to pay my CAM, so the value proposition of the tools is not immedietly obvious to me. But real-estate is a good place to ...

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Why I interview people?

By : shabda

I am a software engineer. I hate repeating myself. I hate doing work which others have done.

I hate repeating mistakes which others have already made and learnt from.

I want to learn from amazing people who "have been there, done that". I want to see far and so  I need to stand on the shoulders of giants.

In next three months I want to talk to most of the startups mentioned in this Quora thread.




TellaFriend / SocialTwist











Tachyon technologies / quilpad






makaan ...

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Interview with Pallav Nadhani of FusionCharts

By : shabda

Today we talk to Pallav Nadhani, founder of FusionCharts, a company building interactive flash charts and data visualization tools. He is also founder of Seeders, an angel investment firm.

Shabda: Would you tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get started? How has the journey so far been?

Pallav: I am a techie turned CEO. I started FusionCharts at the age of 17 in 2002. Before that, for 2 years, I worked as web developer in my dad's web design/development firm. That's where I developed a love for web technologies. Before that I was writing ...

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Lpad's second batch of remote internships starts

By : shabda

?L-pad, a remote mentoring/incubation program for early stage startups is launching their second batch. You can apply here. It is an interesting model where they take 4% equity in the company for providing mentoring and connections, but no funding.

Mohit, the founder of L-pad answered some questions for us.

Shabda: This is your second batch who have you already funded?

Mohit: L-pad runs a mentoring program. We do not fund startups. We take a 4% equity stake against the 6-month intensive mentoring.

In our batch-1, we have one startup ( that just launched their alpha.

Shabda: How many ...

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Interview with Paras Chopra of Visual Website Optimizer

By : shabda

Today we talk to Paras Chopra of Wingify, who make A/B Testing Software, about his company, A/B testing and entrepreneurship. has been covered by Techcrunch and more and is used by some of the biggest (and smallest) companies including Microsoft and Rackspace.

Shabda: Would you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get about interested in startups? How hard or fruitful has the journey been?

Paras: I had been interested in computers since my 9th grade when my dad brought home a PC. I remember playing with VB 6.0 and it was fun ...

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